Can the Ohaus Navigator scale be used without removing it from the carrying case?

A high quality carrying case is optionally available for the Ohaus Navigator scales. One of our customers asked us if it is possible to use the scale without taking it out of the case.

Ohaus Navigator scale in carrying case

It is not impossible, but that is not what the carrying case was designed for. To protect the scale, the padding is tightly cut and relatively high. Scales with a rectangular weighing plate could bump on the edge, which will influence the displayed weight:

Ohaus Navigator scale inside carrying case

Ohaus Navigator models with a round weighing plate do not have this problem. However, all scales should be correctly aligned using the integrated level and adjustable feet. To do this, it will usually be necessary to remove them from the case anyway.

New 2019 Ohaus Navigator scales

The new Ohaus Navigator series consists of a total of 18 scales (incl. 4 LFT models) with a maximum capacity from 220g up to 22kg and a readability starting at 0.01g. As usual in this segment, all scales use load cells with strain gages.

ScaleCapacity [g]Readability [g]
LFT scaleCapacity [g]Readability [g]

Note: Available models and characteristics may differ depending on your region. This article refers to scales available in Europe as of May 2019.

Differences to the previous Navigator scales

The NVL series (Navigator XL) with its unusual elongated shape is no longer available:

Phased out Ohaus Navigator scales
From left to right: Old Navigator XT scale (NVT), old Navigator XL scale (NVL), old Navigator scale (NV)

On all new scales, the upper side of the housing is now white, and the red display framing is more discreet. Another difference is the even higher contrast of the display:

Old vs. new Ohaus Navigator scales
Old NVT scale (left) and new NVT scale (right)

The touchless IR sensor has been removed from all scales except the LFT models.

Interface options and accessories continue to be available

Numerous interface options are available, making these scales particularly interesting for data transfer to a computer: RS-232, USB device (virtual COM port) and Ethernet.

Ohaus Navigator scale with optional USB interface installed
Ohaus Navigator scale with optional USB interface installed

You can easily use the scales with the free Serial Port Data Collection (SPDC) software available from Ohaus as well as with our 232key keyboard wedge and Simple Data Logger software:

Ohaus Navigator device profile in Simple Data Logger
Ohaus Navigator device profile in Simple Data Logger (SDL)

As standard, all scales are supplied with a plug-in power supply and can alternatively be operated with batteries. An optional lead battery is also available for the larger NVT models.

A carrying case is available to make the scales even more portable:

Ohaus Navigator 30467963 carrying case
Ohaus Navigator carrying case (30467963)

Further information on the new 2019 Ohaus Navigator scales

Note: The photos for this article were not provided by the manufacturer. If you would like to use them on your website or in other publications, please contact us to acquire a license.

Photo: Ohaus Navigator product range

Ohaus Navigator (NV), Navigator XL (NVL) and Navigator XT (NVT) scales – what’s the difference?

Physical dimensions

While all scales in the Ohaus Navigator product range are fairly compact, their dimensions vary according to the series to which they belong. In our photo, you’ll see the Navigator XT (NVT) on the left, the narrow and lengthy Navigator XL (NVL) in the middle and the smaller Navigator (NV) on the right:
Ohaus Navigator scales

The Navigator (NV) is the only one with different platform shapes within the series: The NV212 – the only scale with 0,01g readability in the entire range – has a round platform as shown in the picture while higher capacity scales have a platform which is similar to the other series.

Dimensions (width x length x height in mm)

Navigator XT (NVT): 240 x 249.5 x 69.8
Navigator XL (NVL): 204 x 282 x 74
Navigator (NV): 204 x 212 x 58


All scales can use the same interface options (RS-232, USB or Ethernet) as they have the same option slot on the bottom. The photo provided by Ohaus shows the Navigator XL (NVL) with installed USB interface:
Ohaus Navigator XL (NVL) with USB interface installed

However, only the Navigator XL (NVL) and XT (NVT) series have room for an optional rechargeable battery:
Ohaus Navigator XL scale with installed optional rechargeable battery

The scales can also be used with non-rechargeable batteries (4 size AA batteries for the NV and 4 sice C batteries for the NVL and NVT).


All scales stabilize quickly (within one second according to Ohaus) and perform similarly:

NV2122 d± 2 d± 3 d
NV5112 d± 2 d± 3 d
NV11012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NV21012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NV41012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NV51012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVL5112 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVL11012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVL21012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVL51012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVL100002 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVL200002 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVT16012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVT32012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVT64012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVT100012 d± 2 d± 3 d
NVT160002 d± 2 d± 3 d

The values are expressed in scale intervals (d, difference between two successive indications, often also referred to as “(display) division” or “readability”). OCL stands for off center load. To minimize the OCL error, place the weight in the center of the platform. Approved models are not included in the table as their availability varies by region.

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