‘World with weighing’ campaign lauched by CECIP

CECIP, the European weighing industry association, has launched a campaign to “to make the general public and businesses aware of the importance of reliable and accurate weighing”.

From the announcement on the CECIP website (released on March 15, 2021):

The CECIP campaign focusses on the impact of weighing in daily life and in the operations of businesses. Although businesses generally understand the need for weighing, it is not always understood what the impact of inaccurate weighing could be. Yet, it can impact the core business when weighing results are not correct. For production companies inaccurate weighing of ingredients or parts can harm the quality of the final products. This is not always clear and CECIP hopes more business will be conscious about the importance of reliable weighing and the consequences weighing accuracy can have on their operations.

Overall, the campaign aims at making consumers, users and buyers of weighing instruments understand that weighing is not just the value you see on the display of a scale, but a vital process that contributes to our world functioning smoothly.

As part of the campaign the key messages will be spread via social media, magazines and the dedicated website: www.worldwithweighing.com.

The campaign website is currently showing a suspension notice:

worldwithweighing.com on March 19, 2021