Solution: Err 8.2 on Ohaus Defender scales

If your new Ohaus Defender shows “Err 8.2”, you have probably not yet removed the shipping spacers. These protect your scale from damage during transport, but have to be taken out before use.

1. Remove the stainless stainless steel platform pan. You’ll see 4 red plastic shipping spacers wedged between the overload protection screws and the upper frame of the platform:
Ohaus Defender 3000 shipping spacer

2. Remove these spacers by hand or with an adequate tool (without turning the overload protection screws):
Ohaus Defender shipping spacers removal

3. Place the stainless steel pan on the platform. Your scale is ready to weigh.

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9 thoughts on “Solution: Err 8.2 on Ohaus Defender scales”

    1. “Err 8.2” means that the zero point is below the expected value when the scale is powered on. This error is uncommon; when not caused by the shipping spacers, we’ve mostly seen it on scales that have been improperly calibrated by the user or damaged by moisture. However, it can also be caused by:

      • load cell damage (rare cases where the load cell is bent upwards)
      • a defective A/D converter
      • other issues with the PCB
      • cable damage
      • problems with the EasyConnect box (if present)

      To narrow down the issue, try increasing the load while the scale shows “Err 8.2” (without exceeding the scale’s maximum capacity). If the error disappears, a zero calibration might fix the issue. However, I recommend contacting your dealer first if this is a new scale.

      Some Ohaus Defender models offer additional diagnostics in the service menu, and the most recent ones with an EasyConnect box also allow you to restore the factory calibration.

  1. sir I urgently need you advice to clear the clear on 2000series ohaus weighing digital balance. I have follow Stephen advice yet it didn’t clear I have being using it for two years ago but flood overflow submerged the base thereafter this error continually displayed. what can I do. thanks

  2. My spacers were removed however my scale still shows this error after a year of usage. IS there a way to find out what is causing it?

    1. Err 8.2 means “Weight reading below «Power On Zero» limit.” The service manual says you should add a load to the scale or reset this limit by calibrating the scale (if you have the necessary calibration weights).