Solution: Err 8.2 on Ohaus Defender scales

If your new Ohaus Defender shows “Err 8.2”, you have probably not yet removed the shipping spacers. These protect your scale from damage during transport, but have to be taken out before use.

1. Remove the stainless stainless steel platform pan. You’ll see 4 red plastic shipping spacers wedged between the overload protection screws and the upper frame of the platform:
Ohaus Defender 3000 shipping spacer

2. Remove these spacers by hand or with an adequate tool (without turning the overload protection screws):
Ohaus Defender shipping spacers removal

3. Place the stainless steel pan on the platform. Your scale is ready to weigh.

3 thoughts on “Solution: Err 8.2 on Ohaus Defender scales

    • Err 8.2 means “Weight reading below «Power On Zero» limit.” The service manual says you should add a load to the scale or reset this limit by calibrating the scale (if you have the necessary calibration weights).

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